Month 6, Day 2

Into the Vampires' lair

The party moved towards tracking down the vampires who had been eluding them for almost 2 months. The business card that led to Wayfarer’s Guild yielded successful information from the Boss. He confirmed Count Randall’s entourage and had a receipt with a location that they went to, located in the central dwellings located within the floating island Yanjing. Detective Su Bidu would not accompany the party on this one on an account of a dislike of undead. Despite Rando’s increasing offers of snacks, Su Bidu stayed put but offered a favor through asking his friend Dawn, a powerful and wise Suncaster from the Tower of Sun and Moon.

The party at this point, consists of the following:

Zethryis Tun’Avis LE – M Noble Dragonborn Weaponmaster (Scythe) (Sean)

Wu Ming CN – F Commoner Metal Spirit Folk Swashbuckler/Rogue (Ashley)

Malthus Tun’Avis LE – M Noble Dragonborn Marshal (Tyler)

Rando …. CN – M Noble Human Seeker of the Song

Captain Falchion CN – M Monkey Swordsage (Donnell)

NPC’s -

Dawn LG – F Human Suncaster

Jamal LE – M Commoner Dragonborn Divine Bluntsmith (Sean’s Cohort)

Ozal Veris LE – M Commoner Dragonborn Sniper (Ranger/Assassin) (Tyler’s Cohort)

The party made its way through the large vertical ramps down into the central reaches of the island, following the path to the outside of the address, where a woman in black robes was waiting. She asked for their identification as she was currently investigating the escape of a convicted serial killer, Zhou Mingguang. Her partner was undercover ahead of her by a day. She identified herself as Kalva, Stalker in the Order of Illumination (an organization within the Temple of Yun, a Great god of Knowledge, Divination, Time and Law) which is the other arm of the organization opposite the Inquisition. When the party explained they were searching for vampires, her face changed, as vampires changed the circumstances significantly. They party went through the entrance, which was a doorway with a skull embedded in the top. They first area was a public tomb, as the families in the city often show off their ancestors. Death and spirts are important aspects of culture in the Yan Empire. Rando started up a quiet and steadying tune, while Malthus extended his aura’s to take advantage of his leadership abilities, keeping them coordinated. Anyway, after examining broken bones and rocks, the party moved forward to be hit by a trap involving a cloud of black particles. Kalva’s constitution was injured in the trap, despite her careful search for traps.

The party peered into the next room, large cavern with stalactites and stalagmites everywhere. The room was unnaturally cold, with ice covering several stalactites. The party could sense evil from the room, particularly from the six corpses that were frozen in the ice… Captain Falchion decided to take the initiative to blast them with a fire dragon spell, that would snake around and hit several in the large room. But before he was going in swords blazing, Rando played a fast tune for battle. But first Zethyris moved up quick to enter melee first, striking a blow. Zethyris was rather conscious of the fact that getting with 10 feet of them puts you in range of a heat draining aura! The fire came next, but it only seemed to heal the corpses. Cold did not help either; it also had the same effect. After slicing and dicing the Bleakborn, as well as destroying one outright with a sunbeam from Dawn, the corpses were defeated.

The end of the room was worked stone again, with granite stone blocks forming the construction. The far end of the room had two doorways, but based on the lighting in the room ahead, they both went to the same room. Captain Falchion had heard voices earlier, before they had even fought the corpses, so they were already aware of people there. First Kalva peeked around and discovered that Inquisitor Farsi was indeed there. Farsi was dressed in bone-white full plate mail, with a cloud and the symbol of yun, 云, upon his breast plate. She also had a spiked metal shield and a sword at her side with a red blade, made of an as yet unknown material, though appeared to be stone. She greeted Kalva and explained she had found the serial killer, as well as found out that he was let out purposefully by someone in the order, but that person is unknown right now. She explained that the serial killer, Zhou Mingguang, 周明光,(who was revealed to the players to be Kalva’s father), was hiding in this tomb when the vampires found him. This is where Zethyris walks in. Farsi sees there are more guests and insists they come to help. She asked for their help to fight against the corruption in the order.

“Sure, but we need to deal with these Vampires first.” said Zethyris.

“Well that could be a problem… You see they have given me aid in my quest, but they think they have control of me. It is simple really. Use the murderers…against the corrupt. Fight the dark with the dark. It’s the only way they will listen. Do not worry, Kelva. In death, we set your father free. Now all that remains was the evil from his soul, which remained imprinted upon his bones and flesh. Sin and hatred are heavy, and do not follow the soul to the afterlife. What exists now, is a powerful tool when wielded correctly, and gives a noble use for your father’s evil.” She gestures with her sword, which is burning her hand as she holds it, and from around the corner behind you, a skeletal corpse with what appears to be a bloated overgrowth of intestine filling the chest cavity, with three tendrils leaving the necromass: one for each arm and one through the mouth, each with small teeth at the end. It eyed Kalva and Zethyris with a savage hatred and hunger. Farsi tried to enter and control Zethyris’ mind with her eyes, but it was shrugged off. As Zethryis began to fight, the wall that existed behind Farsi fell away in illusion and revealed 3 vampires, 5 zombies and a Yanjing Death Priest!

After a harrowing encounter, the party emerges victorious without any fatalities. After, poking around in a suspicious false chimney, by wearing the x-ray ring Malthus found a hidden passage above. Zethyris used the sword that Vampire Inquisitor used to break the rock, which it cut through like butter.

The party entered a short passage with a familiar pair of wooden doors. Randall’s doors. When the doors were opened, a frigid-icy wind chilled the party before the party destroyed a pair of Wheeps and a pair of Chimera skeletons. Zethyris led the party to the back where randall escaped last time. The party found nothing but whispers and shadows. After being hit by several spells and finding zero vamps, the party realized that the combat was going to be fought on the vampires’ terms, and so they returned to the ballroom and were confronted by the vampires, which included more than a dozen spawn in addition to Vina, the ex-friendly Monkey Bounty hunter turned vampire, Delta, the dim but seductive blonde bombshell, and Count Randall, with his purple velvet cape, and his purple clothes with a golden cow head as his crest upon his shirt, and a metal helmet that resembles a reversed baseball cap. The battle was fierce, but the party emerged victorious, with only some injuries. Of the opponents, Delta escaped, and Vina was captured, but all the other foes were vanquished.



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