Beer with Bluebloods

Bars, Dances and Resurrection

After the defeat of the vampires, the party retreated from the tomb, gathering loot quickly. Zethyris desired to restore Vina to mortal life again, and so Dawn brought him, Wu Ming and Malthus to a shady but reliable Necromancer named Zhangsi located in the Yanjing Lowtown. Zhangsi is a middle-aged human who would call himself an artist over a Necromancer, he truly believes in the beauty of death, to an extent that has a disturbs those who meet him.

Dawn, “Zhangsi, this Dragonborn needs you to restore this vampire to mortal life. Can you do it?”

Zhangsi slowly eyes Vina, up and down. “When did she turn?”

Zethyris spoke, “A few months ago; we’ve been hunting her down since. We’ve got money.”

Zhangsi said, “She is very beautiful. Bringing her back is such a shame. But if you have money, then I will not question your motives. Dawn, if you would help with the ritual?”

Zethryris narrows his eyes but stands back. Vina is placed upon her back on a wooden table with manacles and leather straps to restrain patients. When Zhangsi began binding her, he explained, “Sometimes people don’t want to come back, or to at least try to bring someone with them.” His short ratling apprentice carried over a giant tome, that looked to weigh at least thirty pounds, and held it open upon his back and shoulders, like a living lectern. Zhangsi began casting and soon Dawn joined, their chanting lasting about ten minutes. Visible spirit matter and ghosts started to fly and circle around Vina. Some of the spirits were indistinct, others could be seen but not recognized. As the spell continued the chanting became louder and more strained, as the cacophony of spirits was making a large racket. Finally, near the end of the spell, the face of Vina appeared amongst the spirits. When Zhangsi saw this, he sang the refrain of the spell four times in quick succession and the beautiful diamond in his hand shattered. Vina flew into her body. The body convulsed as though in seizure, and then relaxed. The spiritual crowd dissipated into nothing and the room fell silent. Zhangsi checked her pulse and breathing.

“She should awake in an hour or so.”

The party relaxed in town for a while until the Great QiXi Ball began. The ball was a select party only for the upper class of Yanjing, that lasts for three days: before, during and after Qixi, or Double Sevens, the traditional Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day in the West. The party had gotten wind of a plot to attackt the party from Subidu, a Hound Archon who is the Chief Detective for the city. When the party followed the leads, they turned up nothing however. So the party got dressed up and went to the ball.



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